Musical Maggid Jewish Folk Music

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Ya'akov-Yisrael Jimmy Costello is
the Musical Maggid. 

A dynamic songleader, interactive storyteller and passionate educator

Jimmy specializes in ancient and contemporary Jewish Folk Music

Creates an atmosphere of oneness & joy with his guitar, harmonica and smile... 

Musical Maggid Montage

  • Going Up3:06
  • freedom4:53
  • Thank God for Diversity0:00
  • Ma Nishtana3:22

"Jimmy Costello is such a passionate and skilled teacher, musician, and role model. Every time we play together, my admiration and respect only grows as I witness his dedication and
​super-charged energy."

"The Jewish music world is super lucky to have Jimmy Costello out there rockin' in our communities!"

-Rick Recht, Jewish Rocker & PJ Library Celebrity Spokesperson