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with 8 year olds at Ramah

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This summer my family and I will be touring to the Northeast developing my new achdut-through-folk-music project “Songs Jewish Folk Sing.” My goal is to sing at as many camps as possible, with a particular emphasis on camps that don’t yet have a strong music component or tradition. The project entails meeting, singing and learning with many and different types of Jewish camps as a one or multi day Artist in Residence. At each place I’ll meet with and teach songs to kids that we’ll perform in front of the whole camp. The idea is to have engaging, exciting camper participation in a folk music kumzitz setting. Think circle havdallah style instead of a stage set up. The songs are by a variety of artists and the workshops are designed to be longer and more in depth. 

An important aspect of the project is collecting songs from each camp and sharing them with other camps. The idea is to try to get more of Klal Yisrael to sing some of the same songs. In the Jewish world there are songs that cross community lines like Kol Haolam Kulo and Am Yisrael Chai, and there are so many others that haven’t yet. I’m very excited to help facilitate this. 

I’ll come in at the start of the day, sing with the camp at tefillah or flagpole and meet with staff and campers for 20-30 minute workshops over the course of the day. We’ll close with an hour long sing-a-long with song leaders playing along and groups of kids co-leading the songs with me. At the end of the day and for the rest of the summer the camp has a pocket full of songs, some new some familiar, and each group of campers and their counselors know two of the songs really well.

with 4 & 5 year olds at Ramah

Havdallah in Kikar Zion with Birthright

  • Artist in Residence - Jewish Folk Music 
       ~  Including concerts in conjunction with campers & staff musicians

  • Creative and Musical Tefillah for all ages
    ~Musical weekday services, traditional or creative
    ~Singing Shabbat services, Carlebach and more

  • Kumzitzes, Camp Fires, Melavei Malka

  • Niggun meditation workshops​

  • Songwriting workshops

  • Songleading workshops
    No experience necessary!